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I-55 and Railroad Access

Delavan offers multiple transportation solutions in a constant effort to meet customer needs. Situated just five miles west of Interstate 155, a spur route of I-55, Delavan is conveniently located along an interstate triangle that connects three of the largest population centers in Central Illinois, including: Peoria, Bloomington, and Springfield (See Figure). Thus, the community of Delavan benefits from having nearby access to Interstate 55 (stretching more than 950 miles from LaPlace, LA to Lake Shore Drive in Chicago, IL) and Interstate 74 (spanning a total of more than 400 mi from Davenport, IA to Cincinnati, OH). With that said, the close proximity of Delavan to these major interstates allows it to exist as a charming community with a low-crime, “small-town” feel and convenient access to greater metropolitan areas that are full of larger employment opportunities and markets. Thus, Delavan offers incredible opportunity for those seeking residential, light industrial, commercial, retail, and small-business development (map below).

Delavan also offers rail transportation which allows for all types of goods to be placed on rail and moved across the country to their final destination. Rail transporation has become more competitive with the projected increases in freight movement caused by population growth and the surge of intermodal movement of goods into the future. As our economy continues to recover, the demand to move more people and goods by rail will also increase. Delavan has the rail capacity in place, to meet this demand. (map below).


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